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Close More Deals.

LeadStatic turns B2B leads into clients with Automated Outreach.
We send hyper-personalized emails at scale, helping you find, contact, and close your ideal clients.

How We've Been Partnering with B2B Service Companies to Close More Deals
We always come up with a wide range of predicable opportunities that fit your ideal target, so you can focus on what you do best.

More talks.
More deals.

The more people you talk to, the more deals you get. This simple idea is at the core of LeadStatics's services, which make sure you have a full schedule of interested prospects who are eager to talk to you.

Consistent sales

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of relying on referrals or the unpredictable flow of business opportunities. We guarantee that you will always have scheduled appointments, meetings, and conversations at your own schedule.

Target the right

LeadStatic gives you access to the clients you want by letting you reach out to the exact sectors, markets, regional locations, or company sizes you want. Our proven targeted method makes sure that we know exactly how to find your ideal prospects.

Save time

eliminate work.

Let us do the hard work of searching through databases, trying out new tools, and following up on leads so you don't have to. We are experts at finding the best prospects, getting in touch with them, and setting up meetings and opportunities so you can focus on what you do best: closing the deal.

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What is our Process?

1. Offer

We specialize in outbound marketing and adapt our approach to make your offer irresistible to your target audience. A wise man once said "Make your offer so good people feel stupid saying no."

2. Outreach

Using our proven method to bring in new clients, we help you increase your sales pipeline. We'll set everything up for you so that you can start getting qualified leads.

3. Convert

Our strategy includes systems, processes, tools, and technology to convert leads into actual sales. It's a proven process to make sure we're closing deals and making our clients happy.


When you expand your network, you get more client opportunity, and at LeadStatic, this is our core value. We make sure that you keep growing your business through important interactions by keeping your schedule full of interested prospects.


Engaging with more people makes it more likely that you'll close more deals, and that's where LeadStatic comes in. Our main goal is to fill your calendar with potential clients who want to talk to you. This will help you grow your business as much as possible through finding targeted prospects.


The simple truth is that the more people you talk to, the more likely you are to get new business. LeadStatic prioritizes this and makes sure that your calendar is always full of interested prospects who are eager to talk to you.

Case Studies

See why M&A Advisors, entrepreneurs, and
B2B companies love LeadStatic.

Verified Client

LeadStatic is my go to for cold email marketing.

We've been partnering with Miles and his team and LeadStatic for 6 months now and have been pleased with the results. Before working with Miles and his team, we were finding it difficult to generate leads even with our high cost SaaS products. Within the first month of working together we started seeing results and now with his consulting have a predictable lead flow that is booking us 30+ meetings a month.

Abraheem Eldahouk

Mergers and Acquisitions Operations Manager/Fundraising Specialist | Transworld Business Advisors of UAE

Verified Client

LeadStatic is my go to for cold email marketing.

Miles and his team at LeadStatic have been working diligently for lead generation services. They have been flexible on market research and strategies with quick communication. We were able to close a couple of deals with leads straight from  their email campaigns. They also provide us with a detailed reporting with a lot of useful information. We are looking forward to continuing their services with them for 2024.

Colton Moffitt

M&A | Risk Management Ecosystem | Distributed Risk

Verified Client

LeadStatic is my go to for cold email marketing.

Miles and his team is my go to when I have a client who needs a team to manage and run their cold email marketing. They are very reliable and proven and tested. What I love most about him as a founder is his commitment to making sure customers are happy. If you are thinking about a white-label relationship or needs done-for-you outreach services, I highly recommend working with Miles and his team. Investment is definitely worth it.

Royan Nidea

Founder | Royan Nidea Marketing

Verified Client

We got amazing results.

We've had a great time working with LeadStatic because of how detailed they are in outreach with their cold email and CRM system. We've had a lot of success, and were able to generate a lot meetings with the founders of healthcare clinics. Looking forward to continue working with Miles and his team at LeadStatic for our lead generation services.

Bradley Penn

Founder & Managing Member | Penn Health Services

Verified Client

They work very fast to get you results

Pillars Middle East Design helps retail shops in the UAE with fit-out projects with designs from A to Z. Since working with Miles and his LeadStatic team, we were able to speak with a lot of sales qualified leads looking for fit-out projects. They are wonderful to work with.

Dulce Macabangon

Business Development Manager | Pillars Design

Verified Client

2 booked meetings after launch

LeadStatic has helped us reach out to B2B clients for our influencer marketing agency. The team works quickly to get things done. Even though the the cold email system took two weeks to onboard, the campaigns started yesterday and there are already two qualified leads and two meetings set up!

Siren Mansour

Account Manager | Pipa Media

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