Case Study: 104 Sales Leads in 2 Months for IT Consulting Agency

How we got an IT Consulting Agency 104 qualified sales opportunities in 2 months. Thereby growing their pipeline, and making client acquisition much more predictable.

We define a 'Sales Leads' as a meeting-ready lead interested in your product or services.   


This IT Consulting Agency provides technology products, solutions, and services tailored to an organization's IT needs.

Before they partnered with us:

They were already successful but needed help in making their client acquisition more predictable.

We took them on a partner.

We partnered with them to scale their business and build a system to consistently book meetings with qualified prospects.

Here’s how we did it:

Lead Sourcing

We cast a wide net over many countries and verticals to gather domain names of IT consultant companies making at least $100k/month in revenue.

Our lead researches extracted domain names of IT Consultant companies doing at least a $100k/month in revenue in a variety of countries including the US, UK, CAN, GER.

We enriched this data with decision-makers' contact information, verified it, and deployed our high-volume email system with strong deliverability.

Domain & Inbox Setup

Since this client could handle a lot of volume and given the fact that reply rates tend to be lower in the eCom industry, we set out to build a massive setup that could send thousands of emails per day.

We deployed our system which is able to send high-volume email campaigns with strong deliverability, using a web of email inboxes that spreads out the total volume in a fashion we call ‘load balancing’.

Testing & Optimization Strategy

We tested different angles and campaigns to find the best performing ones that would be scaled up.

Spam Monitoring

We closely monitored deliverability and replaced inboxes that weren't landing on email platforms.

Campaign Results

Our partnership delivered 104 qualified sales opportunities in just 2 months, gave them a consistent client acquisition method, and kept their sales team super busy generating new meetings and deals with ideal clients.

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