Case Study: 283 Sales Leads in 5 Months for Alchemic Management Marketing Agency

Case Study: 283 Sales Leads in 5 Months for Alchemic Management Marketing Agency

This how we got a Alchemic Management Marketing Agency 283 sales leads in 5 months.

We define a 'Sales Leads' as a meeting-ready lead interested in your product or services.


This company helped e-commerce shops with email marketing and ads.

Before they partnered with us:

They got leads from referrals and personal effort, which led to a dry pipeline.

We took them on a partner.

We worked with them to improve their sales process by teaching them on how to turn leads into sales and close deals.

Here’s how we did it:

Lead Sourcing

Using custom lead sourcing methods, we got domain information on e-commerce shops in Australia and checked each prospect's contact information.

Next, we verified each prospect to make sure the contact details we valid and prospect matched the clients ICP.

Domain & Inbox Setup

We set up a web of sending accounts so that we could send a lot of emails without hurting health of the domain.

Testing & Optimization Strategy

As part of our testing and improvement plan, we tried different email scripts in different campaigns until we found a winner.

Spam Monitoring

We also kept a close eye on the deliverability of each inbox on all of the big ESPs to make sure emails got to the right place.

Campaign Results

Within 5 months, our partnership led to 283 sales leads and resulted increase sales pipeline of the agency. They continue to acquire new leads that were ready to meet, improving their sales process, and closing deals.

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