Case Study: 140 Sales Leads Per Day for Funded Startup

Case Study: 140 New Sales Leads PER DAY for Funded Startup, and Reaching Profitability in 3 Months  

Let me tell you about a SaaS company that we worked with and helped acquire an extra 3-5 clients monthly.

Within 3 months, we grew their marketing system to generate 140 new sales leads per day and made it profitable.

We define a 'Sales Leads' as a meeting-ready lead interested in your product or services.

Before they partnered with us:

Before we started working together, they were struggling with low conversion rates, spam folder issues, and an untested strategy.

Things were not looking good.

We took them on a partner.

We built a custom system that could scale client acquisition to great heights, with lower costs and perfect deliverability.

Here’s how we did it:

Lead Sourcing

A large dataset containing emails, names and other contact information of prospects that matched the ICP (Ideal Client Profile) of our partner was acquired.

Custom tools were used to verify the emails and other data of each prospect to only reach out to those that would actually be considered ideal prospects.

Domain & Inbox Setup

We kept a close eye on the deliverability of each inbox, and our load-balancing method and low-volume approach helped us get great email deliverability.

Testing & Optimization Strategy

At this scale, optimizing each part of the outreach campaign is crucial.

We continuously ran A/B tests on email copywriting angles, scripts, follow up sequences, subject lines and CTA’s.

To prevent spamfilters to recognize the same email being sent over and over again, a method called ‘Spintax’ was implemented.

We’ve coded in 3-4 alternative words for each word within the email script. When the code is ran, each email will be some combination of these words and will always be a unique email that has never been sent before.

Spam Monitoring

We monitored each inbox's ability to deliver emails across all major Email Service Providers.

Data management / Insights

With our custom dashboard and insights, we were able to give our partner results that were constant and easy to predict. After we started making money, we taught our partner's team how to run our system on their own.


Using load balancing and spintax, we were able to send 175,000 personalized emails per month and convert 1.47% of them into new clients.

Training in-house team

After reaching profitability, we built SOPs and taught our partner's team how to run our system on their own.

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