Predictable Lead Generation
For Business Brokers

We Help Business Broker Connect With Their Ideal Prospects.

Focus on What You Do Best.
Closing Deals.

As a business broker, if you want more listings. you need more leads. The way you get more leads is by having a full calendar of business owners wanting to speak with you about selling their companies.This is where LeadStatic comes in. We help fill your calendar with ideal prospects wanting to speak with you.Rather than relying on referrals, expensive direct mail and insufficient marketing efforts, we promise you a steady flow of new leads & opportunities every month, or our help is free.

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Lead Generation Strategy

Partner with industry professionals to design a lead generation strategy that can assist you in identifying, locating, and scheduling appointments with potential clients resulting in filling up your calendar with qualified prospects.

Systems & Automation

Receive exclusive data, dashboards, and trackable deals and leads delivered straight to your inbox, all of which express interest in engaging with you.

Private CompanyData Platform

Utilize our extensive database platform comprising of more than 2 million validated records of private companies to explore new possibilities for your next business deal and obtain valuable market insights.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Collaborate with proficient professionals to outline and design your lead generation strategy that can assist you in identifying, discovering, and filling your schedule with potential clients.